21-Day Challenge

3 Weeks to Improve your Energy Levels

Glucagon and Insulin

on March 21, 2011

This week’s focus will be mainly on getting your workout’s going strong…so I will not provide a lot of rules for nutrition…yet!  What I want you to realize is that 2 of the biggest hormone contributors to fat gain or fat loss are: glucagon and insulin.  Most people have heard of insulin as it is the hormone most closely related to insulin-resistance, aka diabetes.  People become insulin resistant when they decrease their daily activity level and increase their intake of processed foods (sugar).  Glucagon is the hormone that counteracts insulin.  When insulin levels are up, glucagon is down=FAT STORAGE.  When insulin levels are down, glucagon is up=FAT BURNING.  So as you can see, we want our glucagon levels up!  The best recipe to keep our insulin levels down and our glucagon levels up is: lift heavy weights, eat real, low-glycemic (low sugar) foods.

As part of the workout’s you received you will see that one day is specifically designated to lifting heavy weights.  This would be Monday’s workout.  I want you to challenge yourself to lift something besides your “Grandma’s 2 lb. hand weights!”  Pick up AT LEAST a 5 lb. dumbbell in each hand.  To see results, to get our insulin levels down and glucagon up, to activate fat-burning mode in our body, to begin to manipulate our hormones, we need to push ourselves!  So this is today’s challenge…LIFT HEAVY!

Please let me know how much weight you lift during Monday’s (today) workout and how you felt afterward.  We’ll refer back to this first workout recording as we progress through the weeks so you can see the changes occurring!


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