21-Day Challenge

3 Weeks to Improve your Energy Levels

Sugar, Nicotine, Chemicals, Alcohol, Caffeine

on March 23, 2011

Just Say No!

In school, one of the predominant programs that addressed drug addictions was D.A.R.E.  We were taught from a young age to “Just Say No!”  Well, something I am afraid we’ll never hear, but may be more deadly than drugs, is “Just Say No to Sugar and Chemicals!”  The majority of the food we eat in the U.S. today is filled with sugar and chemicals.  What you may not realize is the direct effect these substances have on our behavior, mental clarity, and mood. These substances directly affect our hormones through our bloodstream.  Our body’s were not made to digest sugar or chemicals–they were not a food item God intended for us to eat–neither of these substances grow from a tree or are born from a mother–therefore our body’s don’t quite know what to do with these foreign objects.  So they really don’t do much with them…they just kick these substances out into our bloodstream where they circulate our systems—traveling to our brains–along this route.  Our brains are made up mainly of blood and tissue…so these chemicals get absorbed into our brain tissue and cause all sorts of havoc!  Enough of a biology lesson today, we’ll look into this more as we go.  So your first nutrition rule is to eliminate one of these items from your diet NOW: sugar, nicotine, chemicals, alcohol, and/or caffeine.

Let us know which item you choose and why.


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