21-Day Challenge

3 Weeks to Improve your Energy Levels

Day 2

on January 10, 2012

So how are those legs feeling today?

I decided to just jump in with the biggest muscle group to work first.  The more muscles you are working, the more calories you are burning.  The great thing about strength training is that it requires less time to complete as opposed to cardiovascular training.  It also burns more calories in the long run.  A typical 30-minute strength workout burns approximately 300 calories, then for the hour after, you burn an additional 100 calories+ while your muscles are beginning the repair process.  With strength training, muscle fibers are broken down so much that slight tears are created in the fibers (hence the soreness).  Because the ‘stress’ of the exercise is new on the body, the brain tells the muscles to repair stronger and sturdier to sustain the level of this ‘new stress.’  This is how muscles are built.  This process requires a lot of energy from the body to complete, so the body calls on energy stores in the carbohydrates you eat (which burn calories) to make.  The goal, is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the body, so that our body begins to utilize fat as a source of energy.  This is a short lesson in how muscle building works and how fat loss occurs.  It is all hormonal, therefore, it takes a lot longer than 1 week for noticeable changes to occur.  Like I’ve said before, fat loss is totally different than weight loss.  Fat loss is the body’s hormonal response to insulin levels going down and gH and glucagon hormones levels going up.  Weight loss is taking your keys out of your pocket so the scale says a lower number.  So…don’t expect to see AMAZING quick fat loss results with this challenge, it will happen if you continue on past 3 weeks with these goals. Right now, we are focused on improving energy levels and that involves adjusting our hormones to work in our favor.  It takes time.

So, back to my initial question.  How are your legs feeling today?  If they aren’t hurting today, tomorrow might be worse.  Usually it takes 2 days before the worst of the soreness hits. Collage of varius Gray's muscle pictures by Mi...  Also, how are those cravings from the foods you are eliminating from your diet?  Usually days 2-3 are the worst, and then the cravings subside…usually. 🙂


20 responses to “Day 2

  1. AmWoods says:

    I am actually feeling pretty good today..so far, I’m a 2nd day soreness kind of person, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Lunges always make me sore, no matter how much I do them…guess they are a weakness for me. As for eating, no cravings yet…just realized I need to make sure and have more protein sources on hand, I was starving by last night..made me realize how much ‘snacking I do during the day, instead of real eating. So to the store I go today, plus its my first day back to work, so hopefully I can make it through!

  2. Brandi says:

    Oh man, I have a terrible headache trying to cut out all of the sugar and caffeine. I am doing it :o) The colon cleanse is on hold due to meetings with people from Boston all week. I will try to do the cleanse this weekend. Good Luck everyone! Thank you Anna for making us healthier!

  3. Jennifer says:

    My legs are okay, but my back hurts. And Brandi, I am with you on the headache! I was so hungry yesterday. I realized about everything we have to eat has sugar in it. I had to run to Dillions to get some food. Still trying to figure out what to eat… I did find a recipe for some yummy sugar free muffins, however. Even my kids love them. Here’s the address, if you’re interested: http://versatilekitchen.blogspot.com/2010/09/honey-applesauce-muffins.html (It only makes six so you may want to double it. Also, you’ll have to use unsweetened applesauce.) Anybody know of good meals without sugar?

    • AmWoods says:

      You can pretty much make any meal with agave nectar, honey, coconut sugar..so you don’t have to eliminate all the ‘goodies’ you love, just use a better more natural choice of sugar to take with

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks. Still trying to figure out how to do sandwich bread / buns without sugar. None in Dillions, and I’m having trouble finding a recipe. Any bread recipe will cook okay with coconut sugar rather than white sugar? Is it an even substitution (one part for one part)? Also noticing that many of my soy meat alternatives contain sugar. Arg!

  4. Yesterday morning my husband came home from work with a bag from Mcdonalds ugh. My first weakness but I did it I said “no thanks”. The cravings haven’t gotten to me yet. I hope it doesn’t because I am really feeling good about myself. Today my legs do hurt but as always when I do lunges the following day they always hurt.

  5. Dorie says:

    My torso and back are feelin’ it, but not in a bad way. I felt it whenever I got up during the night, which I take as a nice reminder that I accomplished what I set out to do yesterday :). Cravings haven’t hit. But I do miss chocolate. I eat dark chocolate everyday.
    We had a baked potato ‘bar’ for supper. I left out the tomato soup I usually put in my chili and substituted sauce with just a little xylitol. Everyone enjoyed.
    Yay. One day with goals accomplished. Kind of a big deal!
    I did have trouble with getting on the floor and then up repeatedly when working hard. I got a killer headache during the workout and it was not good. I eased up on that process and joined my daughter on a just dance 2 number for a couple of minutes before getting back to it.

    • AmWoods says:

      Yay Dorie! I realize how big this is for you! Congrats. And I laughed out loud when you said you joined in with your daughter for Just Dance 2 in the middle of the workout…sounds so much like you, taking up every moment to dance! Love it! The headache could have been from straining you may have been doing subconsciously…that should ease up with time as you get used to the workouts.

  6. DJ says:

    Day 1 went OK except for a bad headache while doing the exercises. I’m a little sore today (Tuesday) but not bad. Since I’m leaving out dairy products, I bought some soy milk. Not too tasty. 😦 Cooking/baking with it seems to work OK – don’t notice much difference in taste. Day 2 workout is done – did it this morning.

  7. LaDonna says:

    Feeling a slight burn in the glutes! Cravings are staying at bay….and the cleanse is working. Bring on day two!

  8. Joy says:

    My legs are sore today. I really haven’t had the cravings. I have noticed more just out of habit wanting to grab something sweet to eat or a pop to drink not that I am really wanting it. I have the headache today also.

  9. Carisa says:

    My legs are good…but my rear is another story. That workout looked so simple and yet I’m feeling it! Grain free is taking a bit more planning (I think I’m even staying away from rice–going to try to be really “pure”)–excited to see how I feel!

  10. Jessica says:

    I am feeling the effects of the workout in my rear. My legs feel fine though. The cravings on the other hand are kicking my butt! So far, I have refrained from them. But my headache is screaming for some chocolate!!

  11. Krista Priest says:

    My but is sore and my inner thighs. Quads aren’t too bad but I started exercising the week before. Haven’t been too tempted. Coming home is the hardest, but I am just substituting natural foods for sugary ones. I have headaches after my work out. Is that normal? They go away in about 15 minutes though.

  12. Melissa says:

    My Buns are really sore today! Lunges always get me if I haven’t done them in a while. Craving chocolate and finding the gluten thing tricky but good for me. Try truvia in my tea, pretty good!

  13. Lindy says:

    Quads sang to me a few times getting off and on my chair at work….just a good reminder of how much I needed to be doing this!!! Craving something sweet after meals….thanks Mom :)! ( Growing up we always had desert……)BUT doing fruit and nuts and Randy made some great granola and smoothies that were a wonderful snack and breakfast this am. Have noted a mild headache and light headedness today. Am working hard to increase my water and protein intake.. have always been a snacker and its haunting me now! Todays exercises really kicked my butt! Sweating like a pig!! Onward and upward!!!!!

  14. Tracy says:

    I little sore…..usually when I start working out again, the first 3 days are brutal. I eliminated the milk and dairy, but I haven’t really craved it just have to think about what I am eating and read more labels. Last night I made a buffalo chicken pizza and just left the cheese off my pieces and it was still good. Adjusting recipes will be the hardest because I put cheese in just about everything!

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