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Morning Protein

on January 15, 2012

My challenge to you this week for nutrition is to double your protein intake for breakfast, compared to what you have been eating.  I want you to make your breakfast your largest meal of the day this week.  This means several things:  you need to prepare ahead of time what you plan to eat, you may have to change the order of what you eat in a day (who says you can’t have steak for breakfast?), and you may have to rethink what you consider ‘breakfast’ foods.

Media has formed and shaped what we consider ‘breakfast’ foods.  And these advertisements usually push high-carbohydrate foods that are highly processed and quick to grab and eat.  This is the worst thing we could be eating in the morning, especially after a good workout and before a long day.   We need to rethink our breakfast foods from what is quick and easy….to what is going to fuel my day most effectively?  Well, when you think of foods that fuel us, we should first think of good solid protein sources–beef, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, tofu, cheese, yogurt, any type of milk, beans, etc.  Then we should think of wholesome fiberous sources of carbohydrates–fruits, veggies, oats, brown rice, quinoa, etc.  We have a FULL day of chasing kids, running errands, working on our feet, focusing on tasks at hand, advising, managing, stressing, reasoning, calculating, and on and on.  We NEED good food to get us going.  So to increase energy, we are getting up early to workout first thing.  Then we are following that workout with a good wholesome breakfast.  Not cocoa puffs and orange juice on the way out the door.  We are talking omelettes with veggies, and steak and potatoes, and ham and cheese, and whole wheat toast and almond butter with a side of ham, fruit salad with sweet potatoes on the side and bacon strips…there are no rules as to what we can eat at breakfast.  The food industry has termed what is conventional and acceptable…that’s it.  So let’s rethink breakfast this week.  Studies have shown the more protein and fat a person consumes at breakfast the less of an afternoon slump he or she will experience.

So let me know what you plan to make for your hearty breakfasts this week, we all love recipes too!  Remember the biggest meal is now breakfast, lunch will be a little smaller, and dinner even smaller yet.  Yes, it will be a change.  But it will be an energy-saving one.  I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


10 responses to “Morning Protein

  1. Joy says:

    I did manage to get up early this morning and do my workout. After church I made a ham, spinach, mushroom, & cheese omelet…YUM! I love breakfast, but I don’t think I can bring myself to eat steak & potatoes in the morning. I will probably do mainly different kinds of omelets.

  2. AmWoods says:

    That sounds pretty good…never tried mushrooms in my omelette before and I LOVE them. I will have to try that.

  3. AmWoods says:

    This took a long time for me to get used to eating non-typical breakfast foods in the morning because of the smells. I CAN’T do soups in the morning…still can’t get over the smell…whoo! But I can do about any meat source (fish is a little sticky mainly because of Jerad’s complaints!)…but it is getting easier to get over that mindset of starchy high carbohydrate breakfasts. Honestly, I also kind of eat my larger meal at breakfast because I do this with my kids as well. We eat big breakfasts at our house most mornings and taper off as the day goes on…we have more small snacks in the afternoon/evening and a quick meal for dinner before the LONG bedtime routine… 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    I did not see this in time to do it this morning. This may take awhile for me to adjust to. Since I am a vegetarian, I think I’ll be eating more eggs and soy meat alternatives (e.g. vegetarian sausage, bacon, etc.) for protein at breakfast. Not sure I will be in the mood for beans when I wake up. I also bought some whey protein to make a protein pancake. It has 35 grams of protein in it, but not sure how wonderful it will taste yet. Usually, I just do not feel hungry in the mornings. Not sure why.

    I am used to eating a very large meal in the evenings, which I love, so it will be difficult for me to taper off as the day goes on. For example, I made homemade pizza tonight and ate three (maybe four?) large pieces along with the veggies and fruit that we had for supper. I have found that if I do not eat a lot in the evenings, I will wake up at night starving with a *terrible* stomachache. Then I have to get up and get a snack so I can get back to sleep. Maybe I’ll have to try to have a decent sized snack before going to bed if I do not eat much for supper…

  5. Carisa says:

    I’m super excited about a protein filled breakfast! I for sure will be incorporating eggs. I love my green smoothies in the morning too for lots of vitamins, but I could easily save that for lunch. I know I feel better with a protein start to my day. I just saw a blog post about making eggs into a kind of oatmeal dish, which sounds very weird, but I’m going to try it! I like the reminders about including nuts as well. See what you think!


  6. Lynette says:

    I will definitely have to change my mindset about meals for this one. My whole life we’ve had big breakfasts, small lunches, and then large evening meals. So…we’ll see what happens. I’ve already been doing a lot of oatmeal for breakfast because of cutting dairy and Nathan has been making english muffins with bacon and eggs. I get excited about being creative at meal time, but the time and money factor sometimes get in the way of following through with that.

  7. Melissa says:

    My fav protein breakfast are eggs in microwave with whatever veggies I have in fridge ( usually broccoli, onions, spinach). Also like oatmeal w peanut butter or almonds.

  8. Lindy says:

    Made a great “sandwich”last night which will definitely be put to use in the am….toasted a piece of rye bread, spread on hummus, then layers filled havarti cheese (my fav), fresh spinach leaves, sautéed mushrooms and topped with an egg cooked over easy. Cut into the egg and it gushes out wonderful yolk over the sandwich making each bite FABULOUS! Even Randy liked it, and he usually eats his yolks hard! This morning Randy made an omelet with left over smoked pork chop, mushrooms, green peppers and cheese. We had V-8 juice as well. It was ALOT of breakfast for me, but was good. Will take some getting used to. Randy is concerned about not eating much at night….farm boys have habits that are hard to break!! Have a great Monday!!

  9. Tracy says:

    I usually eat protein for breakfast anyways, so this is pretty easy for me……eggs on toast and sausage or peanut butter on waffles…..if I eat a pretty good breakfast, then I usually am not very hungry for lunch so just try to eat an apple with peanut butter and some carrots or something small. Ryan always wants a big supper, so I may just cut back on what I eat in order for my family to still eat what they want for supper.

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