21-Day Challenge

3 Weeks to Improve your Energy Levels


on January 17, 2012

Another reason people experience decreased energy levels is because we aren’t eating quality foods.  I understand we all know that fruits and vegetables are crucial to our body’s proper functioning and efficiency.  But what we may not realize is that getting quality produce where we live is difficult.  If you are not eating garden-fresh produce you purchased locally or that you grew in your own garden this summer, then the produce you are eating is not as high of quality as you may believe.  Most fruit and vegetables are picked before they are vine-ripe and have the most nutrients and antioxidants within them, then they are ‘speed-ripened’ in a heating room at a warehouses before placed on shelves for us to eat or shipped to where we live.  I would recommend if you cannot produce your own fruits and vegetables– to buy frozen produce.  It is most often picked at a vine-ripened stage and immediately frozen.  This locks in the nutrients and flavors that we need to help us maintain our health and digestion.

Even then, we aren’t getting all the nutrients we need.  I am not a big pill-pusher, but I am a believer in taking a quality multivitamin.  I also recommend taking a quality omega-3, omega-6 supplement like fish oil, cod liver oil, or flaxseed oil (my preference).  I take these on a regular basis, and highly recommend them to you.  Not only do they help you keep your immune system running strong, the energy you would use to be fighting off illness can be used to help you get through your day stronger.

My personal preference of supplements is: http://www.naturessunshine.com

I trust their products and have been using them for years.

How are your energy levels by this week?  Learning anything about yourself you didn’t know before?


9 responses to “Supplements

  1. Krista says:

    Energy level was better yesterday. Since I go back to work, we will see. The only thing about supplements is that they cost a lot. I also forget to take them. Then they expire and I have to throw them away. Can you take them before you go to bed? Ready to start day 7 workout.

  2. Krista says:

    Did day 7 workout. Could feel it in my “bum”. Legs are just easier than arms for me so it wasn’t too bad. See you tomorrow.

  3. Melissa says:

    Energy is good but schedule is off and diet hasn’t been perfect on vac! Will get back to full rules now! Didn’t have any concentrated sugar or milk but found it hard to eat dairy and gluten free on a budget while traveling! Can feel proud that I never had any of the choco cookies or hot cocoa that my boys had!!!! Looking forward to a ton of lunges when we get home for today’s workout, wonder how sore I will be?

    • AmWoods says:

      If skiing was my excuse to be off a diet, I would be THRILLED. SO jealous…and I am impressed with your willpower to not having hot cocoa while on the slopes…awesome!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have been sore since day 2 or 3, and it’s not getting better. My arms, legs, and back are very sore and tender to the touch. I had trouble walking down the stairs when I woke up today, so I could not do all the lunges. 😦

    I do take a multivitamin. I tried an omega supplement for a few months when I was pregnant, and it made me so sick. Maybe it will be okay now that I’m not expecting? I will have to pick some up next time I’m at the store.

  5. Carisa says:

    I’m going to feel those lunges tomorrow, guaranteed.

    I actually feel great. I’m not dropping pounds or inches, but I feel good and I’m going with that.

    Thanks for the supplement info!!!

  6. LaDonna says:

    Feeling the energy! Was happy with myself today in completing the lung workout & still had energy for my treadmill cardio keeping in sync with the “Couch to 5k”! Liken the change in the diet….the kids are having fun with helping with the grocery shopping & have been willing to at least try some of the different ingredients. I have always been on a multivitamin regiment- will have to look into the additional vitamins. I’m finding myself becoming more accountable with what I’m/we as a family are eating!

    • AmWoods says:

      Good to hear from you, LaDonna, was hoping you were still on board with us! I LOVE to hear your family is supporting you and getting excited about healthier eating choices as well. That is great for the boys to learn so young.

  7. Dorie says:

    Okay, NOW I am more sore than with any of the other workouts. I needed those dastardly lunges.

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