21-Day Challenge

3 Weeks to Improve your Energy Levels

Workout Follow Up

on January 21, 2012

Okay, so in my email I said I’d leave a post this weekend for you to share what workout you repeated and how it felt and went compared to the first time around.  I’ll leave this post up for the whole weekend and allow you time to share.

Please choose a challenging and measureable workout that you can truly measure your progress too.  Then let us know how it went.

Anxious to hear.

If it went over well and you improved in a measureable area of the workout, way to go!  That means you are on to something with this 21-day challenge, keep doing what you are doing.  If you are feeling worse, didn’t improve, etc…let’s tweak something about what you are doing.  I and anyone else would be glad to help you figure out what is wrong and how to change it.

So…let me know what workout you did.  How it felt/went?  What you think attributed to the good or bad change you noticed?

Have a good weekend.



7 responses to “Workout Follow Up

  1. DJ says:

    I chose the day 3 arms workout. I was amazed that I could do 25 pushups without stopping. Yeah!

  2. Melissa says:

    I did one of the arm workouts (not sure the day). don’t really remeber what it felt like before, but wasn’t bad last night. the lunges this past week went much better than last week!!! Enjoyed the interval 60min workout today, but didn’t find it as relaxing as my usual weekend run, too many numbers to keep track of? Good thing you ordered it though, it was 18 degrees out and without an assingment, I may have chickened outt! turned out fun!

  3. Carisa says:

    This morning I did one of our first workouts with lunges, jumping jacks and supermans. I also added in burpees because I think they are super hard and would like to get better at them. It was a good workout!

  4. Lindy says:

    I did the 60 minute interval this am……went longer than the intervals as I was heading south for a lot of my walk, but felt really good. Thankfully it was warmer this am,even with 30mph winds, so it was enjoyable. Pushed myself harder than I usually do, and am dealing with some back issues….arthritic spine and pounding pavement sometimes gives me problems. Did some stretches and felt better. Have a good Monday!

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